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Rife and Function Generators

Function Generators are not Rife machines. They are electronic test equipment and should not be considered Rife machines. Dr. Rife never wanted his name put on any equipment

The use of function generators for what Dr. Rife was doing began in 1957. John Crane and John Marsh took an off-the-shelf function generator and changed the face plate as shown in the photos below.

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John Crane and John Marsh then called this off-the-shelf function generator a Rife frequency instrument. In the photos you can see some metal round disks. The people using the function generator would hold on to these disks and this is how the frequencies were delivered to the person. Today people do the same thing except they use hand cylinders and foot pads. Since the 1950’s Dr. Rife’s name has been put on almost every type of instrument, against his wishes, and these machines are then called Rife machines. John Crane and John Marsh then made the mistake of making all kinds of medical claims. They ended up serving 3 years in jail for their various mistakes. Today people make the same mistakes John Crane and John Marsh did by making medical claims, hoping not to have the same problems they did. The smartest thing that Crane and Marsh could have ever done is to leave the function generator alone and make no medical claims.

We make no medical claims for what Dr. Rife said he was able to accomplish using frequencies. The frequencies that he said would devitalize microorganisms are only listed for your information and do not constitute medical claims by us. Everything on this site is for informational purposes only. Any common function generator of the proper frequency range can output the same frequencies Dr. Rife used. A RF Frequency Generator should not be considered a Rife machine. It generates frequencies and sweeps through frequencies and there are many uses for this.

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