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The New Rife Instruments eBook is quite packed with info. If you are new to this stuff you’ll want to start with my “Electro-Therapy Pioneers – Discoveries of Royal Rife” Report as it will give you some of the more basic background on what this is all about. It is my overview report which is great if this stuff is new to you. The second is the full blown, brand new Rife Instruments eBook which proves how Rife’s frequencies from the 1930’s were encoded to hide the working mechanism of his machines for 80 years – until now. I call this the RifeCode:

ElectroTherapy Pioneers: Discoveries of Royal Rife:

Brand New Rife Instruments eBook:

If you have any trouble with the links above try right clicking “Save As” to save to your desktop or use the zipped download of both files here: RifeeBookPlusIntroReport.zip

I hope you enjoy these and find them very informative. Please type in your comments below so I can make them better or know that you like them.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? Maybe a million?

Well this video took a lot of work to get up here so I hope you like it. I personally feel this shares a lot of information about the historical machines which has been misunderstood for many years – so I look forward to hearing your comments about it.

The discussion of the Beam Rays Machine in this video refers to the “Beam Ray Laboratory Instrument” and not the Clinical machine! This was before the discovery about the Clinical machine.

This video is normally only a bonus for Rife Research Kit buyers and will only be posted here for this week then will be removed (unless I forget – in that case a bit longer ;-)

More will be added to this member’s only page – thanks for visiting!

One thing I’ll be doing shortly is a webinar on Royal Rife’s Technology so keep an eye out for a message from me about that. I’ll be covering a lot of the information in the eBook and will hopefully have time for Q & A to get your specific questions answered if you are one of the lucky ones that gets to attend the webinar live.

Also, if you don’t have my Rife Research Kit yet (all the DVD videos, etc.) you can order it on this page with a discount code:   RIFEEBOOK and you’ll get $10 off.

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