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Rife Frequency Range Explored

Are all Frequency Generators covering the actual frequency range that Rife was using?

This question is often overlooked. You can’t assume that any frequency generator you are looking at covers the range that Royal Rife was using back in the 1930’s even if claims about frequencies are being made. The reality is that there were a number of different eras in the history of Rife’s frequency instruments.

In the early days (1930’s) Rife was without a doubt using radio frequencies which are higher than the audible frequencies that were used in the 1940’s and up until the present. Audio frequencies were not used extensively by Royal Rife until issues with interference with AM radio stations and the FCC came into play.

Many machines today don’t have a frequency range above the audible range (~20,000 Hz) and are thus limited to only only the frequencies used in the 1940’s and 50’s. A frequency range that goes up to 15 or 20,000,000 Hz is required to cover the range of frequencies that Rife was using back in the 1930’s.

There are generators out there that cover this range but there are a lot more of them that don’t! Since we now have advances in electronic engineering that did not exist back in Rife’s day it is possible to use much lower powered, high frequency machines without any Ray tube at all thus eliminating the problem with interference.

There’s plenty of ways of applying frequencies with electrodes rather than broadcasting and there are no FCC issues with running this sort of machine. Higher frequencies can thus be run without any problems with the law as long as you are running them in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

This article will be updated shortly with more information so check back soon.

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