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Rife Research Kit Bonus Page

by Joshua Parker on April 30, 2010

This video took a lot of work to get up here so I hope you like it. I personally feel this shares a lot of information about the historical machines which has been misunderstood for many years – so I look forward to hearing your comments about it.

Also you’ll want these two Rife Reports. The first is my overview report which is great if this stuff is new to you. The second is the full blown, brand new Rife Report eBook which proves how Rife’s frequencies from the 1930’s were encoded to hide the working mechanism of his machines for 80 years – until now:

ElectroTherapy Pioneers: Discoveries of Royal Rife:

Brand New Awesome Rife Report eBook:

I hope you enjoy these and find them very informative. Please type in your comments below so I can make them better or know that you like them.

More will be added to this member’s only page – thanks for visiting!

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