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Rife Research Kit

Here’s why: Back in 1915 in San Diego, a guy named Royal Raymond Rife was fresh out of college, and had already developed a boat motor that cranked out 2700 horsepower (he called it “Kitty Hawk the Fifth”), which shattered all records and secured an undefeated place in the Guiness Book of World Records for over 60 years. He also later developed what is still the world’s most powerful light-based microscope (several times, each beating his own previous invention.) In fact, throughout Rife’s life…

He Won 14 Government Awards And Was Written Up In Magazines And Newspapers All Over The Country

But our real story begins when Dr. Rife met Henry Timken, a man who had built his empire in the ball-bearing industry. Timken had a problem in his factories with quality control, so Rife developed an “X-Ray” eye that could see manufacturing defects in steel before they became a problem. This saved Timken millions of dollars and he rewarded Rife with plenty of money and eventually introduced him to several key people.

Rife used these advantages to build a research lab in San Diego in the 1920’s where he set out to find what really caused cancer. By the 1930’s he had built microscopes capable of seeing a living virus. He discovered each species of virus pulsated at a specific rate (or frequency) and that you could disrupt the growth of a virus by shooting it with just the right opposing frequency…

Thus Vibrating It To Death, Popping The Virus Like a Balloon While Leaving The Surrounding Cell Tissues Unharmed

He called these frequencies the “Mortal Oscillatory Rate” or M.O.R. This “kill frequency” was different for each kind of microbe out there and took Rife many years to figure out what frequency killed what virus. In 1934, six of the top medical minds in the country assembled to carry out the first ever clinical study of Rife’s technology on humans under the umbrella of the University of California and the Mayo Clinic… and… by the end of the test period all but two of the patients had fully recovered. Afterward, Dr. Couche, one of the clinical doctors, took those two patients and…

Cleared Up Their Cancer Only 60 Days Later,
For A Full 100% Success Rate

Rife’s discoveries were so successful, that later in 1934 right after the successful clinic, the American Medical Association offered to take ownership in an ultimatum which basically said “Turn over your life’s work to us without receiving a dime.” Rife refused, but little did he know how far the AMA and it’s owner and chief editor, Morris Fishbein would go to make sure he paid dearly for this decision.

How A Cold-Blooded AMA Shakedown Canned
Rife’s Contributions To Mankind

Bullied doctors, cut funding to universities, illegal raids and property seizures were what was to come. Yes, this intriguing story really is one of greed, ambition, fear, and ultimately petty medical industry politics. And even though Rife died in 1971, his discoveries live on and have been painstakingly captured for you in my newly updated Rife Research Kit.

Once you hold this life changing information in your hands experience the history and see how these very same discoveries can benefit you today, I really do think you’ll love this package so much you want to share it with all your family and friends.

That’s why you can check it out for a full 90 days and if you aren’t absolutely thrilled for any reason (or no reason at all) you can send it back to me for a “no questions asked” full refund.

Look: I’ve been running my company for 8 solid years and would’ve gone broke a long time ago if I couldn’t back up what I say 100% – you really have nothing to lose here.


In fact, here’s what some people have told me via e-mail as recently as last month:

“…the kit was outstanding. I had heard of Dr. Rife before, but had a lot of unanswered questions that your audios and videos cleared up for me quickly.” Greg Thompson, Missouri

“Get the information now before you need it! Everybody’s gonna come down with something really really bad and the time to find out what to do about it and what choices to make is not when you’ve got it – but beforehand.”
Thomas Engelsman, Illinois

“The summary, the interviews and the film footage that Joshua and his staff put together-it was tremendous original clippings articles from the papers, live video, original video, original interviews, I mean I couldn’t believe it – and much of it gotten from people who are no longer alive.”
Jesse Hawk, Massachusetts

This project is one that I am very passionate about after studying the history of many of the early alternative health pioneers like Albert Abrams, Georges Lakhovsky, Rife and others it’s always shocked me how well this info was kept hidden.

With the years of research and all the knowledge we’ve packed into this a very reasonable price for the kit is $97. But – I’m sick and tired of people not knowing this information and as long as I can keep my employees paid and have food on the table I’m happy…

This new version of the Rife Research Kit has a slightly different package allowing us to bring the price down even further. The Content is identical. For the entire package of
2 DVDs and 2 Audio CDs and the downloadable Rife Research eBook your investment is only $47 plus a few bucks for shipping.

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