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Royal Rife Historical Audio CD Now In MP3 Format

Special Alert! Now You Can Hear Royal Raymond Rife himself explain his technology and philosophy for your benefit of this vital understanding.

These recordings are a historical classic from the 1950’s with a “who’s who” of Royal Rife’s world in those days. You can now get our entire, fully restored 10 disc audio CD set on a single mp3 Audio CD.

History was in the making…

The car of the year looked like this and John Crane had been

1957 Chevy

1957 Chevy

organizing Audio recording of Royal Rife and numerous of his Doctors, friends and colleagues to talk about Rife’s technology. These tapes were buried for years but have now provided some of the best information available (in addition to legal transcripts from court records which have also revealed some important technical points) to decode the secrets of Rife’s technology.

Hear it “Straight From The Horses Mouth” – in this you’ll hear Dr. Royal Rife, Dr James B. Couche, Dr Tulley (both of which used Dr Rife’s equipment in their medical clinics). In these recordings you’ll of course also hear John Crane and John Marsh as they were organizing these recordings.

Other doctors in these recordings include Dr B Winter Gonin (of the London School of Tropical Medicine who received 4 machines from Dr Rife), Dr Lara, Dr Stouddard (all MDs), and Dr Dickland. It also includes recordings of Dr Rife’s lab assistant Henry Siner and long time friend of Rife’s Ben Cullen.

There are over 10 hours of restored audio recordings.

Listen to some sample clips:


These recordings were available as 10 Audio CDs for $97 and while I personally consider the value of the information contained within them to be more than Gold the only purpose was to offset the huge amount of time that it took to restore these. Audio restoration takes a huge amount of time.

Royal Rife Historical Audio CD Set

Royal Rife Historical Audio CD Set

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was perhaps the most brilliant and persistent scientist in history. What follows is a brief description of how Dr. Rife developed this remarkable technology. Where technology didn’t exist, Dr. Rife invented it, such as the first microdissectors, micromanipulators, and heterodyning ultraviolet microscopes. Dr. Rife won 14 government awards for scientific discoveries, and a medical degree (hon.) from the University of Heidelberg. Millionaires like Henry Timken (owner of Timken Bearings) financed Dr. Rife’s work.

Hearing Rife in his own words is very powerful and educational…

Most of the tape hiss has been removed using the latest computer software. This set is taken from the original John Marsh collection of Reel to Reel tapes.

The cool thing is that we now have the whole set on a single MP3 Audio CD so you can just transfer it to an iPod or other media player. This way you can have it at your finger tips to learn more and more from this information. So now you’ll get the entire Royal Rife Historical Audio Set for $49.95


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