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Rife Beam Ray Machine History

by Joshua Parker on March 2, 2009

Resources for Rife’s Historical Beam Ray Instrument:

Video from the Rife Conference in Seattle WA October 2008 of a new prototype Ray Tube machine. You’ll also find on the site full details on The Dr. Royal Raymond Rife story including a history of his instruments and frequencies, as well as modern adaptations.

Royal Rife Technologies

Paramecium Caudatum – Exposed to 1150 Hz – Undergoing Evisceration, Membrane Transport Disruption, and Disintegration, from Plasma Wave. James Bare DC designed a ray tube machine a number of years ago which used off the shelf ham radio parts and a modified CB radio. Despite the shortcomings of this ‘easy to build’ design plenty of good reports are documented on www.RifeForum.com

The Royal Rife Story and Royal Rife – In His Own Words
Click here for important information about frequency generators) Want to know how Rife’s … The Royal Rife Story and Royal Rife – In His Own Words are available as part of the Rife Research Kit with some extra bonuses as well.

Ultra Microscopes and Cure Rays: Dr. R. Raymond Rife – Gaston Naessens …

Royal Raymond Rife. But, it also includes the work of four other men, and discusses other necessary and complementary “Cure Methods” that are required for a truly holistic …

Royal Rife

Scientific data and white papers describing the work of Dr. Royal Rife in developing technologies that utilize electro-medicine to kill harmful microbes.


This is the story of Royal Raymond Rife and his fabulous discoveries and electronic instruments. Here’s Jeff Rense’s Rife page which also links to a machine a friend of mine builds. Ask me about it sometime if you like…

Royal R. Rife

Royal R.Rife Updated Friday 30 January 1998 (Update specifics: Follow this link to read Rife’s own words on his research: HISTORY OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF A SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT FOR …

royal rife beam ray

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